As a licensed lawyer with the Cyprus Bar Association since 2020, I bring a fresh perspective to the legal profession. Throughout my early career, I’ve gained valuable experience working with start-ups and contributing to enterprise projects, including a company I partially owned. I’m eager to continue exploring this dynamic field and finding innovative solutions to complex business issues. With my enthusiasm and eagerness to explore new ideas, I’m confident that I can provide strategic guidance in reshaping your business and addressing your entrepreneurial issues. Let’s work together to create a stronger, more secure future for your company.

Before I decided to follow the law path, I studied business administration and co-founded the boutique digital marketing company, Fresset Ltd, which still exists, however, under a different shares scheme. Back then, in addition to accounting and administrative duties, I was given the space to explore the Open Web and practice web development and linguistic algorithms. Upon completing my first degree and a one-year professional accounting program at the University of Athens, I decided to invest in legal education.

It is no exaggeration to say that my career has awarded me numerous opportunities for entrepreneurial mentoring. In 2013, a few months after the partial acquisition of Fresset Ltd by the TENP SA Group, I became the operations manager of serval business workshops, some under the aegis of the Municipality of Athens and others on behalf of private institutions and NPOs.

The decision to outsource the web development of a minor project of Fresset Ltd to an Indian company is a memory I will not soon forget. Along with the company’s accountant, we decided to record the project in cash accounts as a cash flow transaction to ensure that fund’s account corresponded to the correct reality, but not as a statement in the balance sheet. We hoped it would be compatible with ministerial decisions, given India’s service costs were considered non-deducted expenses. The Greek Tax Authority deducted the expense because I had never travelled to India, and VAT, income tax, and a fine had to be paid. Nevertheless, the project eventually cost 30% less than it would have been choosing the European Market. If a 24-year-old entrepreneur can readily enjoy the globalized economy, then the only thing that a national authority can do is have a traditional sense of prevention. As another memory of that kind, I distinguish when after I sold my shares of the abovementioned company and planned my law studies, I temporarily worked for a cost accounting company. I developed a dashboard that monitored the salaries of a Special Purpose Entity. Although the concept of the core code was easy, the SPE directors were unwilling to invest in CRM software. I managed to prepare a fully automated payroll flow report system from scratch with the less possibly input by the user.

All the aforementioned experiences were crucial to my superior performance in the European University Cyprus Law School. I undertook research projects, culminating in the distinguished publications “Open Texture of International Tax Law” & “Contemporary Issues of Possible Market Distortion by App Stores” in the ENTHA Journal. I also completed an LLB thesis, which involved a theoretical study of Informal Value Transfer System, Terrorism, and Money Laundering. Outside of the Law School, I worked as a legal researcher for Central Bank Cyprus where one of the undertakings was entitled as “Monograph of Cyprus Insolvency Rules“.

Continuing on my technical proficiencies, in 2019 I have been chosen as the paralegal supporter for a punitived-dismissal’s case before a Western Europe Administrative Court. For the year of 2020, I distinguish that due to the client’s negligence, the trademark application remained pending for two years before CyIPO but in the meanwhile, a Patent Troll Company submitted a similar trademark to the EUIPO. In 2021, I handled separate cases involving two clients who had been forcibly transferred to Cypriot shell companies and lost regulated employee benefits. It was a solid opportunity to understand the EU Council Directive 2001/23/EC.

Beyond my academic and professional experience, I helped establish the first whistleblowing platform in Cyprus and currently serve as volunteer reporter for the Noyb NPO on GDPR matters. International Law & Taxation is a field that genuinely fascinates me. By combining my business management experience, the practical knowledge I gained as the director of Fresset Ltd, and the opportunities I utilized during the Summer School at the Hague Academy of International Law, I have gained a robust understanding and interest in international economics and global relations.

If you would like to discuss how to settle business dilemmas or management issues, please schedule an appointment with me.